Asterio of Sequoiasoft | The PMS multi-activity

From now on, your PMS is your ally to manage all your activities with ease.


Much more than a PMS, Asterio is a centralized solution from Sequoiasoft that allows you to manage all the activities of your establishment with efficiency, pleasure and simplicity:

  • Hotel: Reservation planning and files, pre and fast check-in, customer portal, housekeeping, pricing and dynamic rate blocks, business intelligence, cash registers, promotions, group management, revenue management, questionnaires and customer reviews.
  • Restaurant & Bar: Reservation engine, cashier, order taking and payment at the table, dispatch to the kitchen, purchasing and stocks, connected pads.
  • Spa & Wellness: Management planning of services, equipment, products, resources, cabins and in 2023 the reservation engine.
  • Store: Sell and cash your products, goodies and licenses.
  • Activity: Marketing and management of services: bike rentals, culinary workshops, management of parking lots, golf and tennis courts.


Asterio increases your productivity and enhances the daily life of your teams!

  • Connectivity to Synxis, Qualitelis and e-axess offered
  • 100% Cloud for real-time data and maximum security of your information
  • A single customer Cardex for all your accommodation, catering and spa activities: Find all the history in the customer file: habits, allergies, segmentation
  • A single interface to manage, operate and market everything, at all points of sale and in all your establishments
  • Unified and centralized customer invoicing for all your activities and services
  • Maximum automation of your repetitive tasks: automated email and SMS sending, pre-authorization and payment...
  • A single premium telephone support for all your questions or problems: from 7am to 10pm, 7 days a week
  • A permanent dedicated team for a tailor-made support: sales, integration, training, account management and support


Asterio boosts your revenue and helps you create a differentiating customer experience!

  • Integration of the e-axess revenue management system (sister company of Sequoiasoft) 
  • Integration of the CRM solution, questionnaires and customer reviews from Qualitelis (Sequoiasoft's sister company) 
  • Personalized and automated customer communications
  • Reassuring customer portal that facilitates access to your establishment (pre check-in) and services (reservations and payments)




Please write to us at if you wish to have more information about our partner Sequoiasoft.