CLUIZEL | French chocolate maker since 1947

A unique savoir-faire passed on for more than 70 years

The Manufacture CLUIZEL masters each step of the creation of its chocolates. For 70 years, it has innovated and developed its expertise, so that today it brings together all the trades involved in the production of a chocolate: Cacaofèvier ®, Confiseur and Chocolatier.

The Manufacture is the creator of chocolate: intimately linked with its exclusive planters, it controls each of the stages in the slow production of a chocolate, from the selection of cocoa beans to the sharing of its creations.

In order to always satisfy the lovers of good chocolates, the Manufacture also relies on the great values which make its stability: passion, respect and transmission.

Passion: the Manufacture CLUIZEL mobilizes its talents and turns away from uniformity and artifice in the name of taste truth.

Respect for traditions: those of the planters' families, but also those stemming from its own family tradition, forged in an absolute respect for the original product.

Transmission: sharing the knowledge of how to feel with chocolate lovers. The ambassador of this knowledge is undeniably the CLUIZEL Taste.

The work of the most subtle of materials: taste

With some 300 referenced taste notes that it is capable of offering, the Manufacture knows that chocolate is sufficient in itself. After having studied it at length, it magnifies what it naturally offers. It allows its essence to express itself.

In this way, it proposes to awaken the palates and taste buds of chocolate lovers who have lost the habit of the most refined nuances.

She offers, for example, to the lovers of original chocolates, bars with aromatic profiles so rich and complex that they overtake the originality of all the others.


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