Roche Bobois Contract, customized solutions for professionals

Dedicated to professional clients, architects, interior designers and hoteliers, Roche Bobois Contract is designed to give them privileged access to its creative and innovative furniture collections, backed by half a century of iconic pieces.

The Roche Bobois Contract team offers a complete and tailor-made service for each project:

  • Adaptation of the furniture to meet the standards and requirements inherent to the commercial and hotel development markets and guarantee the longevity and resistance required for these specific uses.
  • Customization of each product in terms of dimensions and coverings. Custom manufacturing according to specific specifications is also possible.

Beyond the existing collections, Roche Bobois Contract offers solutions for:

  • technical design
  • development
  • mini-series production of unique furniture and fittings.

Roche Bobois coordinates the design offices of its various workshops, each with its own expertise in wood, glass, metal and their associated techniques.

Each professional can now prescribe them for any type of project, regardless of its size. Roche Bobois acts both as advisors on its collections and as a force for innovative, technical and creative proposals for the realization of projects in offices, restaurants, hotels, coworking spaces, stores...

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