Aquasine, disinfecting ionized water

Totally biodegradable, without bioaccumulation and respectful of the planet, Aquasine disinfectants are definitely the alternative solution to traditional chemical disinfectants and allow everyone to live in a healthy environment. 

A French company on a human scale, all of its products are manufactured in France in its factory in Coulommiers, Seine-et-Marne. Resulting from 10 years of intensive work and research, its unique electrochemical activation system allows the production of healthy and eco-responsible complete disinfection solutions in a market with a high impact on the future of our planet. Totally biodegradable, without bioaccumulation, without alcohol and effective from 30 seconds, Aquasine ionized disinfecting water is the ecological answer in compliance with the norms in vigour to eradicate bacteria, fungi, pathogens and viruses.

These solutions are adapted to the constraints of each sector of activity and can be used at your convenience in spraying, misting, soaking, in person or not, with or without personal protective equipment. Aquasine improves disinfection while saving you time, reducing your carbon footprint and waste, decreasing human intervention and drastically lowering the costs of disinfecting your premises. 



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